Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WWI War Ship

Name of Model: ww1 war ship
Created by: ww2
Found at:
This large minifig-scale battleship has a number of nice details and a removable engine room. In one shot, you can see where a disobedient subordinate minifig is doing push-ups. In another, you can get a good look at the precise railings and at the ladders that make various levels of the ship accessible. Normally I'm not a fan of mixing the older tones of gray with the newer "stone" or "bley" tones, but it adds a nice weathered look to this craft. You get the impression that it's been in battle and then been repaired. The final version of the engine room even features staffers with some equipment handy - and the use of one-piece engines and various sizes of LEGO® steering wheels was an inspired choice too. The hull, on the other hand, keeps it simple by using a large amount of large plates. There aren't that many pictures of this one, but they're all good shots that show lots of action.

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