Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MGB Roadster

Name of Model: Minifig scale mgb
Created by: bmck
Found at:
Here's a take on the MGB roadster. I'm pretty sure it's the roadster, anyway, since it's the convertible model. There are quite a few nice details here but the hood really caught my attention. The two sides are both done with the studs facing the front of the vehicle. The wheel-wells are made with 1x2 slopes and inverted 1x2 slopes. I'm pretty sure that the middle of the hood is using 4 1x6 curved slopes. The combination of that with the studs-not-on-top sides looks great (although the original does have the headlights more set in). The seats look great here too - the almost-all smooth look is very classy. The side windows and rear view mirrors show off some nice techniques with clip-plates too. I'm not sure exactly which part that is on the fenders, though - it looks too thin to be pneumatic tubing, but I'm not sure what else would bend that way.

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