Monday, February 25, 2008

Robotics Monday: The LEGO Rotunda

Name of Model: The LEGO Rotunda
Created by: Karl McAuley
Found at:

This 'bot is also loosely great ball contraption-themed. I'm not sure if the use of non-LEGO balls affects the performance of this machine, but that seems beyond the point with all of the interesting stuff going on in the model. There is a functioning conveyor belt made with tread links (which, as mentioned last week, is not easy to do), and then there's the large drum that tosses the balls about and every so often picks up a ball with a chrome light-holder thingie (or whatever that part is called). I have no idea how the parts for the drum were done, but the whole thing works well. The use of non-LEGO string for elevators isn't a bad idea either - it certainly keeps you from having to use gear racks in bulk.

Sorry to feature another GBC-style model after last week's GBC model, but this is exciting enough to justify bending the rules a little - and it does seem to be the best thing in LEGO robotics this past week.

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