Sunday, February 17, 2008

Character Sculptures / Toy Fair 2008 Roundup

Indiana Jones LEGO sculptureThose of you who follow the toy industry may be aware of Toy Fair 2008, which is a major trade show currently underway in New York. This year, the LEGO company is stealing the show with impressive new sets, large cut-outs for photos, and a series of character sculptures based on characters from the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. Here are some links to photos and coverage of the event:
Joe Meno of Brickshelf Magazine is posting photos on Flickr
Gizmodo is trying to smuggle out the sculptures
Action Figure Insider has posted a large photo gallery of LEGO's display
Technic Bricks is covering the new Technic sets (video is from the London Toy Fair last weekend)
Gearlog brings us an excellent video, which includes an interview with a LEGO company rep about the new Indiana Jones sets
Joel Johnson has posted photos on flickr
MTV brings news of the Indiana Jones game demo on Saturday
Major Spoilers is reporting on the new Harley Quinn Batman minifigure
BrickJournal photos by category
ASMZine has posted both a report and a gallery on the LEGO display - but TechnicBricks has mined the Technic-related highlights from there brings us Star Wars photos has a photo gallery
YAKFACE has photos of Star Wars and Indiana Jones sets
The Official Star Wars blog has excellent video coverage
matru brings photos of new Bionicle sets

More links coming as we hear about them.

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