Saturday, January 26, 2008


Name of Model: Parthenon
Created by: torgugick
Found at:
Here is a rendering of the Parthenon in LEGO® bricks. Microscale was a wise choice for this one - otherwise it would use up a few thousand parts, easily. Tile plates were used to make the roof and studs-not-on-top parts were used to make sideways tiles serve as part of the artwork. The parts on the top of the sides are from cockpit hinges, and the top of the front uses some Technic bricks and some 1x1 clip-tiles. Although this model doesn't take up the whole 15 inch square baseplate that it sits on, there are no LEGO® studs showing in the model itself.
This is Wednesday's model of the day

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James Black said...

That is so sweeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!! A mix of two of my favorite things!!! Greek history,and legos!!!