Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oversized Imperial Guard Ship

Name of Model: Pirates-Imperial Ship
Created by: takamkt
Found at:
Wait, don't skip this one, it's NOT the set from the early 90's! At first glance, this model looks like one of the older Pirate Ships, and also a lot like the Imperial Flagship set. This isn't, though, and looking at the details makes that abundantly clear. This original model includes a full interior and hinged walls that allow you to look inside of it. A wide variety of parts were used in this model that weren't widely available when sets of this color scheme were available. Note the brown woodtones used to connect the sails, the lions on the back of the ship, and the fencing used on the balcony. Another useful feature is actual stairs and ladders for the minifigures (the official Pirates sets always seem to expect the people to get places by magic). I'm pretty sure this is the ship you want to be on when the head of the Armada tells you to travel to the new world. Those swiveling cannons ought to be able to protect you from the pirates.
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