Sunday, January 13, 2008

Frechen 2008

Name of Event Frechen 2008
Photos by: legopapi and Gallery
Found at: and
There was a huge gathering of some of the world's most ardent LEGO fans in Germany on 5th and 6th January. We are beginning to see photos appear online - the two galleries and photographers mentioned here are really just the beginning. You can send in your photos if you have some - let's try to make this a proper roundup. There are, of course, a ton of awesome models here. Skyscrapers, giant ships, capitol buildings, detailed trains, and I'm sure quite a bit that I haven't fully looked at yet.

EDIT 5:18 PM: Photos by Rickszoo are up at .

EDIT 5:24 PM: Photos by svberckm are up at .

EDIT 5:35 PM: More photos from the BELUG trip there. This time by patje, and the gallery is at .

5:40 PM: Yes, more photos! has a gallery by marsupilami .

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