Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blacktron Command Armoured Transport Spaceship

Name of Model: BlackCAT
Created by: EdDiment
Found at:
This spaceship revisits the original Blacktron color scheme that LEGO introduced back in the 1980's (Not to be confused with the "next generation" Blacktron line that came out in the early 1990's). Even in the few shots shown here, you can tell that this is a treat - several rare parts from the sets that inspired this model make the large cockpits, and you can see minifigs with newer faces inside the old Blacktron uniforms. The newer slopes give the ship a unique shape and work surprisingly well with the older pieces. Details worth noting include the 1x1 window bricks in the rear of the ship, the use of minifig heads next to the old trans-red antennae, the backwards cockpit pieces on the top, and the jets on the back (I think those are yellow wheels!)
This is Friday's model of the day

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