Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Present Factory

Name of Model: Father Christmas present factory
Created by: Jaudeau
Found at:
It took me a while to find the perfect model for Christmas day. I found this gem on Brickshelf - it's a fully exterior/interior decorated Christmas present factory. The outside is decked out in snowdrifts - including one cleverly applied to the roof. Inside, we can see Santa in his office getting ready to make his trip around the world. A lower level of the inside shows many "elves" (actually just an army of matching minifigures) assembling toys. The details are worth watching here - there's a kiln for pottery and porcelain, and right in front of that you can see a Star Wars R2 unit helping assemble toys. Perhaps the most festive feature, though, is the lit vines made with green castle leaves and various small translucent parts.

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