Monday, October 8, 2007

Robotics Monday: RFID Rover

Name of Model: RFID Rover
Created by: Anders
Found at:
Among LEGO® robotics enthusiasts, "cheating" isn't frowned upon when it involved using third-party sensors to add additional actuator or sensor capabilities to the standard LEGO® capabilities. The builder of this rover also designed the custom RFID reader for LEGO Mindstorms NXT that was used for this model. A Hitechnic compass sensor was used here as well (For those wondering, Hitechnic is a great company that you can safely buy sensors from for your kids if they want additional sensor options). All of the sensors are being controlled with a standard LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXTkit to make it more-or-less autonomous. To go even a step further, though, this guy set up an online interface with PHP that allows RFID-defined destinations to be added or removed to the robot's itinerary remotely.

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