Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Window Display Models

Name of Model: October 28, 2001: Halloween 2001: Ghost, Pumpkin, and Witch
Created by: Bill Ward
Found at:
Happy Halloween! I know we've had quite a few problems on this blog the past few weeks, but I wanted to make sure that I got these three Halloween themed models in for this year. The ghost and witch appear to be original designs (both are quite good ad feature some clever uses for slopes in more sculpted models), but the pumpkin model is the alternate model you can find instructions for in the "Pumpkin Pack" LEGO set (which I think is available at the official LEGO Shop at Home site) - remember though, you need two of those packs to get enough orange bricks to build the 3D pumpkin. The ghost, at least, looks like a project you could probably try out this year without having to hunt down special parts. Feel free to send in any holiday-themed models you have - we'll be saving them up for next year too, and with any luck, I'll actually manage to spread them out a bit more from here on out.

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Sorry to see you're still having problems, I hope you get back up and running soon.