Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fancy Pizza Parlor

Name of Model: CC Style Pizza restaurant
Created by: Brickmann
Found at:
Here's another brilliant town building modeled after the Cafe Corner set. This one is a bit different though - it's a sort of avant-garde pizza shop in an old building with realistic colors. It can be tempting sometimes to make all houses out of brightly colored bricks - especially when the grey shades can be hard to find and properly match. The color of the walls wasn't actually the biggest hurdle for this model though - that would be the large amount of smooth tiles used on all of the floors and stairs. It's too bad, though, that this type of thing requires so many different specialized parts from different eras of the LEGO company - classic space computer panels are mixed in with newer dark green tiles and that's all on top of the old gray bricks. This is a beautiful model, and for the reasons mentioned above, it's probably one of the most ambitious layout-sized city models you'll ever see.

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