Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Robotics Monday: Slot Machine

Name of Model: Lego NXT - Slot Machine
Created by: lv0404
Found at: and
This spiffy model went up on Sunday - and it's a winner. The video here is pretty self-explanatory. I think I'll have to watch it a few more times, though, to completely convince myself that there are really only 2 LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT units in there. Obviously, cheating was used for the fruit symbols on both the key and the rolls - and those 10 and 20 c Euro coins aren't made of LEGO either - but I think we can look past that on this one. There is a catch, though - winnings are capped at 2 Euro per turn. Photos, a brief write-up, fruit images, and code are available at the second link above.

Oh, and on the non-robotics side of things, you have to admit that that case is pretty awesome. I love the sculpted Euro symbol on the side and the way that slopes were used to make the NXT's screen look like a custom screen. The use of hinges for easy-to-use doors to start the machine and repair it was a great idea too.
This is Monday's model of the day.

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