Monday, June 11, 2007

Robotics Monday: "Dog" with instructions / News: RoboGames

Name of Model: RoboDog
Created by: Laurens200 (additional LEGO pages by Laurens at Brickshelf and YouTube
Found at:
Laurens200 is an impressive kid I found on YouTube who has a real knack for LEGO robotics. I'll probably be featuring some of his/her other 'bots in the future (and some of them are more exciting than this one, but hey, I try to pace myself). This bot is a simple walker with a whimsical wagging tail. It's quite elegant, and there's video, Brickshelf photos, building instructions, a full write-up and the original program available online. Laurens is a master at documenting his/her creations, and thanks to the sheer amount of detail written about this efficient and simple design, this is one you can try at home with your own LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT kit.

As reported by The NXT Step, the 4th annual RoboGames event is this weekend and will feature two LEGO robot-related challenges - the "Lego Challenge" and the "Lego Open".

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