Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tiny Batman and Robin

Name of Model: Batman
Created by: nnenn
Found at:
Generally speaking, it's nearly impossible to make a convincing "microscale" person out of LEGO, never mind making vehicles and such at the same scale. Apparently it's quite possible with Batman - who's distinctive helmet and cape make this little series of models work. The is Batman, Robin, and their little fleet of vehicles, all done perfectly at a ridiculously small scale. I love everything about the Batman they made - the use of a black minifig head (probably from a train set) as a torso, the clever use of a claw-tile (or whatever that part is called) as a helmet, and the little cape - all perfect. The vehicles look great too, and use a mix of older slopes and newer ones to carve out just the right shape.

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