Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stained Glass

Name of Model: Stained Glass
Created by: BreadMan
Found at:
Those new LEGO Mosiac sets come with transparent baseplates that allow those who are not mosaically inclined (or computer-aided) to make decent-looking LEGO mosaics by hand. At least, that's what you do with them if you don't have a large amount of translucent LEGO plates and a castle that needs an awesome stained-glass window. Another view makes it clear that a bulky wall with a gap in it allows for the clear baseplate to slide in (with the window "mosaic" already built onto the baseplate). This small model features a very detailed section of a castle's interior complete with archetectural details, minifigs, a checkered floor, and even a cobweb-filled crypt below. Let's be honest though - the highlight is that awesome stained glass effect on the window.

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