Thursday, April 5, 2007


Name of Model: Furniture for medieval interiors
Created by: marakoeschtra
Found at:
OK, so I lied yesterday when I said I'd get back to focusing on original models. I have a bit of a stockpile of things to post here, and it makes sense to get some of these groups of models done on one page.

So anyway, these "models" are individual pieces of furniture, done in a nice old-fashioned-wood style. They're apparently intended for castle-themed creations, but if you ask me, they'd look great as antiques in any mini-fig scale LEGO building. Some of the parts used are fairly expected, but some of these are a bit more unusual - legs and hands from minifigs, tiled plates, pneumatic tubing and such. Of course, these all seem much more special when you consider how hard it is to find some of these parts in brown.

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