Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Beatles Mosaic

Name of Model: The Beatles
Created by: Henry Lim
Found at: http://www.henrylim.org/Beatles.html
For those of you who aren't Beatles fans (or otherwise are unfamiliar with the image this mosaic is based on) - this picture is of John, Paul, George, and Ringo in the famous Sgt. Pepper's costumes. A number of shots like this can be found in the liner notes of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - if you poke around on that Amazon listing, you can see the original graphic. This spectacular LEGO model is based on a scan of the smaller graphic from the liner notes to the CD version - but it does make an effort to recapture the original picture quality and colors. That might not seem much more difficult than any other mosaic, but some of these colors are hard to find LEGO parts in - tan and orange are used heavily in addition to the common dithering techniques used to make high-quality LEGO mosaics. A good deal of time and money went into obtaining just the right parts so that this model would be perfect. I'd recommend reading Lim's own description of this model - it explains all of this very well and very concisely, and he has a few more photos of this model there too.

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Bruce said...

This is an amazing mosaic. Henry Lim works, or used to work, at UCLA, and when I was a student there this mosaic was on display in the music building for a while. I went to a LUG meeting at Henry's house once and also saw his amazing dinosaur and harpsichord (it was at that point a work in progress).