Friday, March 9, 2007

LEGO Aquazone Castle

Name of Model: unknown
Created by: bhamilto1
Found at:
If you're like me at all, you've spent some time recently complaining about Lego's new "Aquaraiders" line because it very obviously rips off their older Aquazone line, but this time the bad guys (the raiders) are now the good guys (who were called "Aquanauts" and later "Hydronauts" in the original line).

But if you're not like me, that all sounded like gibberish. In any case, we don't see enough underwater castles made of Lego. Even when we do see underwater castles, it's not often that we see them in the proper color scheme for the original 1995 Lego Aquazone series, and we almost never see them done by people with the funds to track down all the specialized pieces used in that line.

Oh, and sorry the post's up late today. I'm still working out the kinks of this thing, but I would like to keep the updates regular.

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