Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Miniland Bride and Groom

Name of Model: Bride and Groom, 2010.06.05
Created by: au_riverhorse
Found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/au_riverhorse/sets/72157624223755896/
Details: These excellent miniland-scale characters have partially jointed arms (check out the other two pictures in this photo set to see some surprising expressions) and several evocative techniques. The groom's tie makes excellent use of a metallic gold colored 1x2 tile - a fantastic way to use a piece in a rare color that you might otherwise not be able to build with. The formal attire is recreated perfectly thanks to various studs-not-on-top elements. You really get a sense of a separate suit jacket hanging on the groom's figure, and the combination of curved slopes and wedges on the bride's dress creates a unique form that could be a real wedding dress. The back even includes tails on the suit and a train on the dress. The use of black studs-not-on-top brackets for hairpieces works much better than I would have expected - it really adds dimension to these figures. These figures actually outdo some professional LEGO wedding cake toppers!

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