Monday, June 7, 2010

Mimicking Hand

Name of Model: Robotic/Prosthetic hand
Created by: David Hyman
Found at:
Details: We've seen plenty of control systems that use cell phones, computers, or various LEGO-built joysticks, steering wheels, and other traditional set-ups, but we haven't seen that many creations that use form-fitted input devices. This "robotic hand" copies the movements made by someone wearing a "sensor skeleton". Three RCX's translate the sensor input into motor actions on the hand. That makes it a nice little project, but as an unexpected twist, there's a very organic and unexpected mechanism for controlling the fingers: two degrees of freedom are controlled by a "tendon" made out of flex system casings. I feel a need to build my own copy of this to determine how well this sort of system can handle lifting heavy objects.

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