Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well-Landscaped Minifig-Scale Castle Compound

Name of Model: Mounted Manor
Created by: Wochenender
Found at:
Details: This castle scene features a surprising amount of unique landscaping. Toy Story Green Army Men bases turn up as leaves on bushes and trees. Bricks, plates, slopes, and wedges in lime, dark green, and dark brown show up in unusual places, frequently attached sideways. The amount of depth that these techniques give the scene makes the base of this look much larger than it is. The fence is made with another unusual technique - hundreds of reddish brown 1x1 round bricks and cones lined up gives a very rural, organic look. It's not much of a traditional castle wall, but the spikes sticking out of every other column of round 1x1's gives a properly intimidating look. That's before we get into the more traditional techniques that are well applied here, like the use of darker grey bricks on the walls to give the impression of a mottled stone look, or the way plates were used to achieve that Tudor architecture look on the buildings.

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