Friday, June 18, 2010

The Maniacal Duplord

Name of Model: The Maniacal Duplord
Created by: optimus-convoy
Found at:
Remember last year, when I told you about how awesome the mech named The Mighty Doop-Los is? He has an enemy now, and the enemy is also awesome. Unlike the previous mech, this one uses more traditional parts to build most of the body and joints. There are still plenty of great uses of DUPLO parts here, though. Lever bases fit into a DUPLO 2x2 brick to create eyes for his face. DUPLO bricks are cleverly angled in the way they are attached on the feet and lower arms. Studs-not-on-top elements are used to flip sections over and have separate DUPLO pieces on both the front and the back of various sections (DUPLO pieces connect properly to the regular-size LEGO elements, provided the measurements line up correctly - e.g. 4 studs to 2 DUPLO studs). Tiles line the edges of those sections, maintaining the sleek boxy look. Those fingers on his left hand are minifig legs. Now if only more people would build in the DUPLO/Mecha genre...

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