Thursday, June 17, 2010

Football Sculpture

Name of Model: Football
Created by: Dave Shaddix
Found at:
Details: Word on the street is that there is some sort of football tournament going on now. Oh, not that type of football? Oh well. This spectacular sculpture is roughly life-size and is spot-on. It was an attempt at reverse-engineering a similar model by the slightly more famous Nathan Sawaya. On a side note, this is exactly the sort of sculpture I recommend you start out with if you're interested in experimenting with LEGO sculptures - although the brown parts can be hard to come by, the quantity of parts used here is actually pretty reasonable. Nathan Sawaya's version only used about 500 pieces - well within reach even if you have a fairly small collection. The most challenging part of this sculpture is the laces - they're made out of Technic 1x2 bricks with jumper plates attached. You connect the studs directly into the side of the Technic bricks.

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