Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When DUPLO and BIONICLE Combine...

Name of Model: The Mighty Doop-Los
Created by: optimus-convoy
Found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10267753@N03/tags/duplo/
I like to think I've seen plenty of great techniques for working DUPLO parts into LEGO models - and I've similarly been on the lookout for new BIONICLE techniques. I have no idea how I never knew about all of the exciting techniques I'm seeing here, though. Apparently Bionicle sockets fit at a angle into the corners of DUPLO bricks (note the arms here). A similar technique for other Technic and Bionicle parts allows other DUPLO bricks to stick on at various angles. You can also create a sturdy connection with the inside of the tops of DUPLO studs and the small 1x1 "tap" element (note how the legs are assembled). Finally, the age-old technique that LEGO used to promote heavily in their own official advertisements - standard LEGO bricks in many sizes fit directly on top of DUPLO bricks. While this is a technical tour-de-force, it's also a pretty interesting looking model in its own right - it's a stunning design and a spectacular use of these yellow parts.

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