Friday, December 5, 2014

A Girl and Her Pet (from set 31021)

Name of Model: LEGO 31021 Alternate design
Created by: amaman_12
Found at:
Details: Here's another clever alternate build, this one using set 31021: Furry Creatures. Normally, you'd expect such an alternate model to have more in common with the main model from the set - in particular, I think most of us would be tempted to use the large eyes (printed on 2x2 round tiles) as the eyes for the doll. This time, though, we see a few 1x1 plates for the eyes and the bright pink 2-wide cheese slope used for the mouth - a simpler but adorable solution for building a character's face. I'm also loving the uses of a wedge slope for her dress and the tail element for a bit of hair out of place.

Her pet is also a fun little build - a rare example of the bar-and-clip technique being used simply to reverse studs.

As an added bonus, the builder posted building instructions for the girl and her dog in this model's Flickr set.

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