Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Robotics Monday: MindBOARDS

It's been a strange week in the LEGO robotics world. It appears that community hub http://nxtasy.org/ is not going to be coming back online. http://www.mindboards.net/ has now surfaced as a potential replacement - and frankly, it's got enough of the Mindstorms community's "stars" involved that it should have no problem bringing in most of us from nxtasy. These new forums are tied to a SourceForge project that aims to gather information, tools, and software for use with the NXT (presumably other LEGO programmable bricks as well, but NXT is the main focus). The site is still in it's infancy but worth a look if you're into Mindstorms.

Another summary of the situation is on Xander Soldaat's blog.

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