Monday, October 4, 2010

Brickcon Round-Up

Name of Event: Brickcon
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It was Brickcon time again this weekend. As I'm writing this, the festivities aren't over yet, so expect this page to be updated with more links over the next few days (or weeks - sometimes people take a while to upload photos, but we keep compiling them). We've previously covered the new set unveiled over the weekend.
On to the photo links (again, we're still adding these - if you know of photos or other coverage that we don't, send in your tips to

Tac Anderson's flickr set
girlhacker's flickr set
from BrickJournal's Joe Meno:
Bill Ward's flickr set
redfive99's flickr set
Czar's Brickshelf gallery
Alex Eylar's MOCpages coverage
jjackowski's flickr set (accompanying blog post)
Group flickr pool
eric11blue's flickr set
Mariann Asanuma's blog recap and flickr set
SnowLeopard's flickr set
rabidnovaracer's flickr set
blakbird's Brickshelf gallery

We've also tried to preview Brickcon 2009 and round-up BrickCon 2008 and NW BrickCon 2007.

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