Friday, July 2, 2010

Mining Mecha for Minifigs

Name of Model: Magma Mech Overhauled
Created by: -infomaniac-
Found at:
Details: Based on the Magma Mech set, this model takes the idea and removes the goofy colors and over-the-top arm features. The off-kilter look is enhanced through a more interesting and technically advanced construction for various limbs that can really do some damage underground. Sure, it won't get past a focus group of little kids, but this looks more like something that'd actually get used underground. The new color scheme looks great (even if it's not as eye-catching as the original lime/orange/blue scheme) - in addition to black, there's also a bit of sand green from a Green Grocer kit. The use of the large Power Miners wheels as feet and joints works wonderfully, and all of the transitions work even though we see disparate Bionicle and seemingly single-use parts thrown in left and right.

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