Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big Apple and More at NYC LEGO Flagship Store

Name of Page: New LEGO NY Store takes a bite out of the Big Apple
Created by various Master Builders for the LEGO company
Found at:
Details: This big apple (a play on New York's nickname) will be on display through next Tuesday at New York’s Rockefeller Center. The sculpture was built to commemorate the opening of a brand new LEGO store, which is open now. The store is a "flagship" store, which seems to be like the "Imagination Centers" we've seen sprout up elsewhere. Several smaller sculptures are in the store as permanent fixtures. There are more photos of the shop and sculpture at the recap linked above, alternately you can check out the official webpage for the new store (which has the location details so you can plan your trip).

Rounding up additional photos and coverage:
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Anonymous said...

We loved helping make the "apple"
We made 7blocks with our 6 yo grand daughter. It was so fun. Thanks
Lenore and Jerry grubman and Zoe Bombolis