Friday, July 9, 2010

LEGO Store Ribbon Models for the Elmhurst, NY location - Grand Opening this Weekend!

Name of Photo Set:
LEGO Store Brand Ribbon Models Elmhurst, NY
Built by: Models built by eclipsegrafx, Tim (Tim's son Spencer built a model as well), notenoughbricks and my wife and parents even helped build the boat models!, model designs by the LEGO company
Found at:
Details: I've previously written a bit about the LEGO store ribbon models, and since new stores are continuing to open, more are being built. The links above point to a gallery with 29 photos of ribbon models just after they were built. It's usually easier to get a good look at the models before they've been installed in the LEGO store, since the windows at the stores don't give you a particularly broad view.

This weekend, there will be a Grand Opening and a Master Builder Event at the new store in Elmhurst, New York (that's what today's models were built for). Last weekend's events at Rockefeller Center were fairly epic, and I'm still updating the blog post about them with additional links to photos and other coverage of the weekend. Next week, LEGO will expand their newfound retail store empire further by opening their first brand retail store in Canada.

Here's the full list of upcoming store openings from the official website (not sure why they haven't given more details or dates on these yet):
-Houston Galleria, Houston, TX
-Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, NY
-Queens Center, Elmhurst, NY
-Rockefeller Center, New York City, NY
-Aventura Mall, Miami, FL
-Wiesbaden, Germany
-Chinook Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada

Most new stores have a soft opening between when the ribbon models are assembled and when the grand opening actually takes place. If you're in town a week or two before a "grand opening", chances are you can go to the store and browse anyway.

A store calendar for this month has more details on the Calgary opening.

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