Sunday, July 25, 2010

Klocki Zdroj 2010 Photo Round-Up

Name of Event: Klocki Zdroj 2010
Created by: LUGPol
Found at: (link to graphic announcing the event)
It's time for another round-up - this time, of photos of the Klocki Zdroj 2010 city. I believe that this is one layout at the event described in this graphic. Some great creations are here, and surprisingly I think I've neglected to post all of them so far. Photo links are below:
Kris1234 (Kris Kelvin)'s Brickshelf photos of his Town Hall and Market built for Lugpol diorama Klocki Zdroj 2010
pepik's Brickshelf photos
PigletCiamek's flickr photos
Piglet's Brickshelf photos
hippotam's flickr photos of his contribution as a work in progress


MiMaS said...

This is surely the most interesting LEGO thing to see this summer in Warsaw, Poland. :-) Klocki Zdrój is just awesome with hundreds of great details.

However, your links to "Kockice EXPO 2010" and "Matijaville" are not related.

Dan said...

OK - took those two out (I guess a separate round-up for the Kockice event is called for). Do you know if there's an official website for the Klocki Zdrój event? I wanted to have an official link to use with these.