Friday, July 23, 2010

Ancient Lady's Museum: Dwarfing the Cafe Corner

Name of Model: Ancient Lady's Museum
Created by: marcosbessa
Found at: & the same photos can also be found on Brickshelf:
Details: Premiered at this year's Arte em Pe├žas event, this gorgeous show-stopper is actually in scale with the Cafe Corner and ready for minifigures. It's not truly to the Cafe Corner standard, though, since the back is wide open. Of course, if the back wasn't open, we wouldn't be able to see the fantastic interior work. Highlights include leathery couches, mosaic floor patterns, a pair of grand spiral staircases, a variety of minifigures on display, detailed curtains built upside-down (in dark red!), and ornate window decorations on the outside. You'll need to use the "View All Sizes" feature on flickr to zoom in and see the original photo size in order to see some of the details.

You can also see a set of Work-In-Progress (WIP) photos of this model on flickr. One of the highlights is a look inside the column technique.

Additionally, the builder is now selling instructions for LEGO Digital Designer for another model I've featured from him:

This is Saturday's model of the day

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