Thursday, July 15, 2010

1932 Ford Model B Roadster as an 8880 Alternate Model

Name of Model: Model B
Created by: silcantar
Found at:
Details: I've blogged a few supercar inspired models before, but I think this is the first time I've seen someone actually build an alternate model for set 8880. As fantastic a kit as it is, it's not exactly easy to find now - trolling eBay to see if a good deal turns up is the only reasonable way to find a copy now. However, LEGO simply hasn't released another kit with as great a selection of specialized parts for cars. They've released newer parts, sure, but none that have 8 nice big springs, plenty of transmission parts, the special wheel/steering/suspension parts in this set - they have never truly matched this kit. Sure, 8448 Super Street Sensation tried, but in spite of introducing the (then new) studless style of building, it didn't introduce any new mechanisms or features.

The builder of today's model, though, took that classic kit - and only parts from the kit - and made it into a 1932 Ford Model B. The likeness is surprisingly strong, and the technical features (at least the ones we're used to seeing in super car based models and should go in a Model B) are accurate as well.

For a full recap of the original kit, be sure to check out the Technicopedia entry for set 8880 Super Car.

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