Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zagreb Art Pavillion

Name of Model: Art Pavillion
Created by: Matija Grguric
Found at:
Remember that spectacular model of the The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb from a few years back? The builder is still at it and recently posted photos of another large yellow landmark from Zagreb, Croatia. The photos here show off lots of interesting techniques. The details are all fantastic, but here are some highlights: a space tube combined with plates with clips gives an edge the correct flourish, upside-down dish elements (likely connected internally with a Technic axle), a curved clear roofline, inlays done just right to add texture, statues, and even realistic lampposts by the front entryway.

As noted in the description:
This is an actual building in Zagreb, Croatia. Made in minifig scale, or approximate 1:37. Over 25 thousand bricks used in construction which spread over year and a half period. It was displayed on Brickworld 2009 in Chicago, in Zagreb Art Pavillion and Science and technology museum.

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