Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pennybacker "360" Bridge

Name of Model: Pennybacker Bridge
Created by: TJ Avery
Found at:
The Pennybacker "360" Bridge in Austin, Texas, was re-created in LEGO form for this year's SXSW festival (more coverage of that coming Sunday - we're highlighting this one model separately today). A few minor modifications were made to the original design to make it fit a minifig-scale town layout better - the roadway was flattened, train track was added, and the asymmetric parts of the bridge were made symmetrical. This actually features a complete Technic support frame - a few thousand Technic half-pins were used to attach the dark red plates on top of the structure. The link above has all the information you need on this model, including photos of the model's construction and of the life-size bridge in Austin that this is based on. Here are some basic stats (for those of you not yet convinced):
Model Specs and Facts:
  • Start date: 31-January-2010
  • Date of completion: 13-March-2010
  • Nearly 14,000 pieces used
  • 35-40 pounds in weight (estimated)
  • Total bridge length = 384 studs (aprox. 120 7/8 inches = 3.1 m)
  • Free span length = 347 studs (approx. 109 1/4 inches = 2.8 m)
  • Height (from bottom of abutments) = 37 3/8 inches = 0.95 m)
  • Total width = 67 studs (approx. 21 1/16 inches = 0.53 m)
  • Deck width = 48 studs (approx. 15 inches)
  • Made of 100% LEGO pieces, and no glue was used
  • Scale = approx. 1:64*
* (could vary between 1:62 and 1:71 depending on reference taken)

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