Thursday, March 25, 2010

Up-sized Classic 375 Yellow Castle

Name of Model: Castle
Created by: Duncan Titmarsh
Found at: (additional photo links below)
In 2008, Duncan Titmarsh decided to build a sculpture of the classic 1978 LEGO set Castle. To LEGO fans, this iconic early design (the first set in the decades-long Castle theme) is simply known as "the yellow castle". This version, which debuted at the 6th Brickish AGM 2008, in Sheffield, 4-6 April 2008, is built to a scale of 6:1. Although enlarged versions of models from kits have been made by the company for promotional purposes before, this was apparently the first time that someone outside the company decided to recreate a vintage set on a larger scale. Not surprisingly, this has become an instant favorite in the AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) community, appeared at several other Brickish Association events, been featured on a variety of blogs and news outlets, and even made the cover of BrickJournal magazine (there's more coverage of both this castle and the set it was based on in that issue as well). The minifigs for this model were built by fellow Brickish Association member James Sutton (anyone have a link to his other work?).

Although photos of this model can be found in many groups of photos from Brickish Association events, there were much more of this model in particular during that first weekend that this was unveiled. Here's a quick roundup:
Simon Denscombe's Brickshelf Gallery
Darren "gizmocom" Smith's flickr set
Huw Millington's flickr set
Tim Fegan's flickr set
James "lostcarpark" Shields's flickr set

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