Friday, March 26, 2010

How to Catch a Shark

Name of Model: How to Catch a Shark
Created by: Robin, age 6
Found at:
With all of the adults posting their own creations on the internet, it's inevitable that some of them are parents with kids who are also into LEGO building. What you don't expect, though, is that the kids' creations that a parent uploads will actually be better than many of the things adults are building. Case in point: this brilliant underwater scene. Several of the "manta warrior" characters from the new LEGO Atlantis theme are trying to catch a shark. The way they do it? By using bait that's a "human" minifig head attached to a stick of dynamite. Brilliant. Not to be outdone, there's also flawless landscaping, plenty of seaweed made from Bionicle spines (these were used as jungle greenery in some Indiana Jones kits) and even an evocative watery blue background.

This is the only photo of this creation, but the same builder also built a second scene (see the link above). Photo credit goes to Bart De Dobbelaer, the builder's father.

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