Thursday, March 11, 2010

DUPLO-tastic Spaceship

Name of Model: Duplospace
Created by: L.D.M.
Found at: and
Here's an unusual way of building with DUPLO - building a small frame out of the smaller ordinary pieces, and using a Technic band to hold a layer of DUPLO on top without really attaching the pieces. The effect comes off surprisingly well. That small surprise is what makes this "spiff" style spaceship work well, but more traditional combinations of DUPLO parts and smaller LEGO parts show up here as well, such as taps inside of studs, and 'normal' bricks attached to studs on DUPLO bricks (yes - DUPLO was designed to do that all along, you should stop calling them "baby blocks" now). The curved DUPLO parts can be a bit more difficult to mix into creations, but I'd say this one pulled it off.

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