Friday, March 12, 2010

A Clever Android

Name of Model: I-Robot
Created by: Titolian
Found at:
This vaguely humanoid minifig-scale robot is a masterpiece. The techniques used here are fantastic. To recap: there are levers inserted into their bases upside-down to make the eyes. Battle droid arms (also used in some skeletons, railings, etc in recent kits) hold on to the lightsaber that holds the wheels, and connect to wrenches at the top. Those wrenches are connected to minifig hands which connect directly to minifig legs. Inside the legs we see the smaller clips that have been used as hands on some of the "robots" we've seen officially released (I'm thinking of the Exo-Force line in particular here). The use of 3x3 dishes in various double-sided set-ups looks great here as well.

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