Friday, January 1, 2010

Instructions New Years' Update, 2010 has updated their LEGO set instructions database to make all sets from 2006 available. The delay in making the instructions available has been a courtesy to the LEGO company - the guideline established over a decade ago is to not make instructions viewable online until 3 years after a set had been released.

Although Peeron is the most important online repository of LEGO set instructions, they're not the only website that offers this service. LEGO started offering instructions in PDF format on their customer service website some years back, including nearly the entire line from 2003 onwards. Searching these instructions has never been particularly easy, but one Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) decided to create a cross-reference a few years ago to make it easier. That resource was taken offline a few months ago due to the server load, but Brickset decided to take up the cause and has unveiled their new feature for it today. They've posted their details on their own New Years' post.

Speaking of which, our new year's post - a recap of new 2010 sets appearing at LEGO Shop at Home - will be up shortly.

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Jetro said...

As I like Peeron for their inventories I wouldn't say they are the most important source for instructions. There is a site called BrickFactory which has an equal or even larger collection and is much easier to navigate.