Thursday, September 3, 2009

Phenomenal BrickFilm Music Video

Name of Model: 8-bit trip
Created by: rymdreglage
Artist's website:
To promote their song "8-bit trip", the Swedish band rymdreglage decided to put together a BrickFilm as the music video for the song. It wound up being a pretty spectacular BrickFilm, very craftsmenlike in it's use of bricks and plates to create something of high-resolution look. One moment we're seeing a large sculpture build itself, the next we're seeing flawless mosaics animate a scene (or render various classic video game characters). Technically proficient and animated in a more professional manner than most BrickFilms I've seen, this one's a winner just on the merits as a LEGO creation, before you factor in how well the video game references work.

The only thing to critique about this viral video's run around the Internet? The BrickFilm is so good that it seems to be distracting us from the song it's supposed to promote.

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lego star wars said...

cool!!!!! phenomenal brickfilm