Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LEGOLAND California on Google Street View

Name of Model: Street View
Created by: Google
Found at:,+California&sll=37.217206,-121.091309&sspn=2.340206,4.916382&ie=UTF8&ll=33.126568,-117.312092&spn=0.002403,0.004801&z=18&layer=c&cbll=33.126565,-117.312148&panoid=8ABq3zICFTOC-wYLJnhLdw&cbp=12,14.77,,2,3.94
Here's the latest in mind-blowing news: Google has brought Street View into LEGOLAND California. The iframe below is a decent preview pane, but you should click on the link to see the full interface, complete with a walking minifigure where the Street View man would be. This is a pretty spectacular "easter egg" for Google's software, and a great way for those of us not near California to look around the park. You can see a pretty wide variety of things here - rides, stores, sculptures, miniland, etc. This is also a pretty great use of the "User Photos" feature - Google automatically cross-references locations and images in their virtual rendition of the park with photos taken by tourists, and you can pull them up as you browse around.

View Larger Map

Sorry if the preview pane doesn't show up - to put it bluntly, there are reasons I try to avoid using Flash (it never seems to work quite right, and I hate making people install a plug-in before they can view things). With any luck, it will show up properly on your end. In any case, I can see the full Street View web interface at the link above and it looks great there. You probably want to try this with that bigger viewing window anyway - you could spend a few hours doing a proper browse of the park!

...and we're using this as Thursday's model of the day. Figures that mind-blowing news would break right while we're getting ready to head out to BrickFair!

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