Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Meal Toys: Now With Fewer Parts!

Well, McDonalds has done it again.

With even less parts.

If you order a HappyMeal at any McDonalds in the United States now, and you ask for the "boy" toy; you will get a super-sized-juniorized-LEGO-car.

For kids it must be satisfiying to be able to make something with little to no effort, however, being an AFOL I look at this as "degrading" the Lego Brand. I am waiting for the day when they re-relase these classics.

And yes, someone has already used one of these parts in a creation.


Kevin McGuire said...

My wife and I actually still buy cereals that sometimes come with a toy inside and I am not ashamed to say I have purchased a box of Pops just for the mini LEGO racer on the inside of the box.

I must also voice my displeasure for these dumbed down LEGO models. I remember when happy meals and cereals would come with LEGO sets with at least four pieces, not including stickers.

Having sad that, don't be surprised if I purchase a happy meal in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I think they are making the Lego parts exaggeratingly large to prevent little two year old siblings from "accidentally" choking on the small parts and suing old Micky D's.

PeteCorp said...

I'm guessing McDonald's made exaggeratingly large pieces to ward off lawsuits from "choking" the little 2 year old brothers and sisters of the kids that bought the toys. Either way I'm just glad they fit regular Lego.

Lego Model of the Day said...

Comments do post, it's just that we have a moderation process in place (comments don't show up until I approve them). Usually so few people leave comments that nobody notices the delays when I'm away from the PC. Four comments in a few hours is a record for us!

I miss the older lines - the 1999 line Matthew mentioned was nice, but I think the 1986 one was probably best. Even the first Bionicle promotion was decent for parts.

I bought one of these yesterday. I was a little shocked when I realized that they were all just 2x4 bricks with junk sticking out the sides.

Duckingham said...

I was disappointed, too -- I got 2 happy meals for my boys this weekend and my wife & I spent about 15 minutes getting the stickers on!!!

But you have to admit, this *is* an improvement over the "LEGO" Batman happy meal stuff -- at least the cars have some usable studs, even if they are POOP (Parts easily made Out of Other Pieces)!