Monday, January 7, 2008

Cafe Corner Spaceroll

Name of Model: 10182 Space Cafe Roll
Created by: mashikuf
Found at:
This is one you really have to look at to believe. It's a combination of a roll-bin, a space station, and the Cafe Corner set. We've previously featured the set and some models inspired by it, but this is the most original twist I've ever seen on the concept (I ought to clarify - when I first blogged about the set, Amazon had a bargain price for it, but they're currently selling it for about $60 more than the LEGO store is). The rounded sides of this model unfold out, and then you can see the colors of the set mixed with a variety of Space theme parts. The door with the Exploriens half-cylinder really stands out, but there are tons of great details here.

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