Monday, May 2, 2011

The Obligatory Royal Wedding Post

Name of Model: LEGO Wills & Kate
Created by: Justin Ramsden
Found at:
Details: We don't like writing this anymore than you like reading it, but it's time for the obligatory royal wedding post. I'm pretty sure we're legally required to have one. First up, we have a life-size sculpture of the happy couple. Built by LEGOLAND Windsor's youngest model maker for a TV spot, this pair of busts and classy stand shows the royal couple as well as any official LEGOLAND model - and oh yes, that tie is purple. Don't miss the technique used on the prince's hair.
Name of Model: (unnamed - it appears that they're passing on officially making a big deal of this)
Created by LEGOLAND Master Builders
Found at:
Details: Speaking of LEGOLAND Windsor, they've also added a dash of the royal wedding into miniland. To round out the weekend, here's our attempt at rounding up coverage of that event (as always, we'll update this post instead of adding more posts as more links of note come to my attention - you can e-mail us at with your tips):

BBC News article
Mariann Asanuma's blog post
Thorskegga Thorn's flickr photos

Mostly Bricks also has a bit of a round-up, which also features the minifig-scale rendition of the wedding by the Brickish Association.

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