Monday, January 17, 2011

NXT Soccer Game

Name of Model: Serious NXT Soccer
Created by: Daniele Benedettelli and Mario Ferrari
Found at:
Details: There are some things that we all know are possible, but that few of us have actually gone all-in on. For example, you probably could build a passable Mindstorms NXT soccer-playing robot - or a score-keeping robot, or a simple mechanism that returns a ball that's fallen off a court. Here, it's pushed over the top - a custom-built soccer competition table is automated with a ball-return and score counter, and manned by three additional NXT-based robots - an overhead skycam and two competing soccer players.

It also helps that the soccer players are actually pretty good. Third-party sensors are used to allow them to navigate to their side of the field (through RFID) and to seek out a blinking ball (through IR).

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