Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miniland Batman

Name of Model: Miniland Batman
Created by: Octopunk (Jeff Cross)
Found at:
Details: One of the challenges of building a specific character in miniland scale is figuring out what to accentuate to make a character come across clearly. The scale is large enough that you can build in some details, but the is still something of a caricature. In this case, Batman's clearest feature is his cape, blowing in the wind - a bold but completely believable choice. The use of a bat-a-rang element on the chest is spot-on, an the yellow utility belt seals the deal. Batman's ears are made using two of the plate with tooth element attached to a pair of headlight bricks. The legs may be a bit thin (arguably accurate for Batman), but the studs-not-on-top technique there looks great - and it positively blends into the background since the other details have already made this so clearly Batman.

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