Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Failvent" Calendar

Name of Model: Failvent Calendar
Created by: nolnet
Found at:
Details: You may remember nolnet, a clever guy who we've featured a few times before. Recently, he decided to take a new spin on the "advent calendar" craze by featuring various failed ideas from over the years. Some of them are a bit goofy, and others are clearly failures, but most of them feature interesting ideas that'd make a good start to something larger. It's oddly inspiring even though you can usually spot where things went wrong. There are 25 photos here, covering a wide variety of material.

The photo above is from day 24: "The Win-Turned-Fail-Over-Time", for reasons that are entirely understandable if you're aware of how phones have changed over the years.

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Nolnet said...

I like the bit about the clever guy :-)