Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brick-Built Classic Mascot

Name of Model: Some time ago I get the original LEGO clothes from the old LEGO mascot doll from the 1950s. Unfortunately I have not the original doll, so I decided to build one myself. I use a lot SNOT-build to build the head and the hat. Lasse Vestergard, Denmark.
Created by: Lasse
Found at:
Details: On the left, there's today's model of the day. On the right, a picture of the character he is based on. The builder decided to try building a version of the character after getting hold of just the clothes from the doll version of this mascot character (widely used by LEGO in Europe in the 1950's, the mascot seems to be the earliest version of the "Jack", "Zack", and "Max" characters we've seen more recently in LEGO advertisements). This version ends up looking more like the cheery printed version of the character than like the doll. It holds together surprisingly well considering how many sections had to be built sideways or upside down in order to get curvature to come out.

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